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Organize events

Since the first days of the association we focused on running activities that are insightful and entertaining.

So far, we organized over 20 events with companies, start-ups, students and research labs and you can help us bringing the industrial and academic world closer to our university.

By contributing to this aspect you can learn many soft skills and show the company that you like that you are passionate and talented.

Meet companies

McKinsey, Oracle, Reply, ENI, Moviri.

These are only few of the companies we have worked with during the last years. The best way to learn about how a company works and if it suits your interests, is to connect directly with it.

Joining the PMDS team has the positive side effect that, while you participate to help the Data Science community to grow, you get the chance to meet CEOs and experts of the field.

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I gained in two years skills and experience that I would have never had the chance to get after graduation.

Marco Varrone. Former President
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Learn and grow

You will be part of a team of passionate students and professionals and you will immersed in the Data Science life of Politecnico di Milano.

If you have a Data Science project in mind and you never had the resources and help to pursue it, this is the best chance you have!

PMDS is the best way to go outside of the usual university path to build and experience the world differently. Depending on the role you want to have in the association, you will gain soft skills like public speaking, networking, content curation and hard skills, like programming, management and how to take the best out of data.

Share your knowledge

The best way to learn about a topic is to teach it.

If you strive to share what you know and discover or you simply want to get better at it, PMDS can help you as a platform to spread your content through social media, blog posts, course notes, receive feedbacks and gain visibility.
Any new idea is welcome: the more we are, the more ambitious we can be.

Why stopping at blog posts when you can have a podcast?

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Have fun

The most important aspect is to enjoy what you are doing.
We do all of this in our free time and for free. You will not regret becoming an active contributor of our incredible community.

And we share a lot of memes!

The applications are currently closed

Don't worry! We will open them back soon and stay tuned on our social channels