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General info and how to partecipate

We are happy to announce you that we have organized our first project event, by selecting a student feasible and already existing Kaggle competition. Your scores will be tracked in an internal PMDS leaderboard, which is going to be updated constantly. Finally the best performing teams will receive fantastic prizes.

Join the competition: 10/04/21 to 20/04/21
End of the competition: 10/05/21
Winner announcement & Prizing: 30/05/21

To enter the competition fill in the form at the end of this page.

Build a team with other students

You will have the opportunity to work in a team made of maximum 3 members.
All the partecipants are going to be added in a Telegram group to comunicate the team name and its members to the coordinators of the event and if necessary it will be also possible to find other students looking for a group. This will also help you to collaborate with other teams and to ask for some tips & tricks.

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How to start with Kaggle

After creating a Kaggle account, join the competition here:

Tips & Tricks

  • Start looking at the problem description, on the evaluation and on the given data set.
  • Based on the type of problem and on the data set, decide which environment to use. Kaggle provides an handy coding session notebook, where you can load easily the data and start to code with the possibility to add hardware accelerators. Here is the link:
  • Use the code and discussion section to have an idea on how to start, looking at other users baselines.

Some tips and tricks about the competition

If you need some nice notebooks in order to have just an idea on how to start, here are some useful links:
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Join the competition!